Workshop: Organizing at the Intersections of Black Lives Matter & Gender Justice

Organizing at the Intersections of Black Lives Matter & Gender Justice is a workshop that seeks to push participants from a racial justice framework to an intersectional liberation movement. This workshop employs an understanding of gender, violence, policing and solidarity to create a more robust organizing practice. Participants can expect to grapple with open ended questions and to learn/share new tactics and strategies to engage in the movement for black lives more effectively.

Join Joshua Allen for an interactive workshop that highlights the intersections of race and gender in relation to state sanctioned violence including police violence and prisons in the U.S. to organize around deconstructing the foundations of the highly racialized and gendered policing across the nation.

Joshua Allen is an organizer, abolitionist and freedom fighter committed to manifesting true liberation. Using a black, gender-non conforming lens and an urban youth perspective they have traveled the country, and abroad, organizing around race and gender. They specifically focus on the abolition of police and prisons as well as ending the genocide against trans and gender non-conforming women, girls and femmes. Centering black radical tradition, and hailing from a Black Panther Party family, Joshua seeks to uplift the voices, experiences and work of fallen ancestors, political prisoners and those who have resisted the imperialist project to bring about freedom for those most oppressed.

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